About Underground Surf School

Located in Playa de las Americas  Tenerife, the “Underground” surf school was founded in 2021 by a group of friends and serious surf lovers. It’s the result of a long-lasting friendship between the founders who had been teaching surfing to people all over the globe for quite a while now; good people who share this inherent connection with, and passion for, this beautiful sport.

So what is it that makes “Underground” stand out from the rest of the crowd? Well, for one, the beach where you’ll learn to surf is one of the most incredible beaches in Tenerife (and further). It’s called playa las Americas and is located just a few meters from the school. Combine this with our experience and unrivalled passion for surfing and teaching – “Underground” is what you get!

After years of travelling the world in search of waves and training to become surfing educators, the time finally arrived to start teaching and sharing what we’ve learned. But by teaching, we don’t just mean teaching you to stand on the board and surf. We mean showing you everything that surfing represents to us, demonstrating what it is precisely about surfing that got us so hypnotized and how.  

We’re surfers. We’re professionals. We live off surfing and now aim to infect you with our surfing fever in the ultimate hope that you will one day embark on your own surfing journey. Who knows?