Welcome to the “Underground” surf school in Tenerife! Our school’s core aims are to infect you with our dedication and passion for this sport — and lifestyle – and of course to provide you with the most comprehensive, pleasant and thrilling learning experience.

Improve your surfing skills while guaranteeing you’re having a great time surfing with your favourite person

Like all of our classes, our semi-private surf classes last for 2 hours and take place at one of Tenerife’s most impressive beaches, namely the playa las Americas. They’re designed for two people and offer a more personal approach to improving your surfing skills while guaranteeing you’re having a great time surfing with your favourite person. Whether this is your loved one, a friend or family, our semi-private classes are a great way to do something special for your special someone and return home one exciting skill richer!

We provide everything you need to bring your surfing to the next level

Our dedicated mentor will be there all along, helping you bring your surfing to the next level. Everything you need will be there as well: A board for your weight and height, neoprene, booties, lycra, and accident insurance. There will also be a secure locker to store your belongings while you surf and a clean, hot shower, just waiting for you to complete your class and return from the playa las Americas.

The first thing we’ll do when you arrive at our school is welcome you with the smile that you deserve. Then we’ll talk to you about your experience with surfing and other sports. We want to get to know more about you so that we can find the most suitable equipment for you. We’ll bring you some wetsuits, lycra and booties to try out.

Once we’ve equipped you with everything, we’ll start learning theory. We’ll explore the fundamentals of technique and behaviour in water. We’ll go through the basic safety rules and practice positioning on the board, paddling and standing up.

Surf on one of Tenerife’s most beautiful beaches, playa las Americas

One of Tenerife’s most beautiful beaches, playa las Americas is just a few meters from our school. When we’re ready, we’ll walk there and warm up before hitting the waves.

Our experienced mentor will guide you throughout the class. He’ll talk to you, encourage you, correct you and explain what you’re doing wrong and why. But he’ll also be doing his best to make sure you’re learning thoroughly and having fun.

As the surf class ends, you’ll walk back from playa las Americas and take one of the best showers of your life!

Here’s what else is available:

Photography services to document your surfing adventure.

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