Welcome to the “Underground” surf school in Tenerife, where we aim to infect you with our dedication and passion for this sport — and lifestyle! Of course, we also strive to provide you with the most fulfilling surfing experience.

Take your surfing to the next level

Our private surf classes last two hours and take place at Tenerife’s impressive playa las Americas.
The goal: is to take your surfing to the next level, regardless of how much experience you have. No matter if you have never surfed before or already have some experience, our mentor will be there for you at all times to make sure you’re learning and growing as a surfer!

We provide everything you need to hit the Tenerife waves

Underground surf school staff will provide you with everything need to hit the Tenerife waves right away: A board for your weight and height, neoprene, booties, lycra, and accident insurance. This also includes a secure locker to store your belongings while you surf as well as a clean, hot shower that will be waiting for you to complete your surf classes and return to the school from the playa las Americas beach.

First, we get to know you better

When you arrive at the school, our staff will welcome you with the smile that you deserve and a conversation about your past experiences with surfing and other sports. We’re hoping to get to know you better so that we can find the most suitable equipment for you.

Once we’ve equipped you with the right wetsuits, lycra and booties, we’ll start with the theoretical part of the class. We’ll explore the fundamentals of basic technique, behaviour in water and basic safety. Then we’ll leave the surf school and walk a few meters to the playa las Americas, where we’ll warm up before going into the water.

A thrilling and unforgettable experience

Our mentor, motivated and enthusiastic about your learning, will be there for you throughout the class. He’ll answer any of your questions, make sure that you’re learning and at the same time having a thrilling and unforgettable experience. Once the class ends, you’ll leave this wonderful Tenerife beach and go back to the surf school to hit the steaming hot showers, which you’ll walk out of feeling reborn!

What else is available?

Photography services to document your surfing adventure.

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